Wednesday, July 8, 2009


as work progresses on the new CD 3 fx plug-ins we constantly deploy are devastor [4 band distortion], redoptor [vintage tube distortion] and decimort [bit reduction] from the polish d16 group these are high quality effects for a very good price. the old school brushed steel look allows for lots of tweaking and sound shaping. distortion, filtering and bit reduction remain our most applied effects and these units are highly capable from subtle changes to more extreme measures. distortion and saturation are fully covered by devastor and redoptor whilst decimort allows us to re-create the sound colouration caused by the lower sample rates, lower bit rate and conversion circuits of the early samplers. the unit has pre-sets titled mpc 60, emulator as well as well as for the obligatory c64 it also has a filter section can be switched to indpendant right and left treatment and a dry/wet rotary balance pretty handy when used as a insert. other distortion units we use are kombinat by audio damage which has three distortion engines with 7 tweakable effects for each this box is also sensibly priced has excellent band killer eq and filtering as well as ring modulation and compression [sickman] featured lots of kombinat lastly ohm force preditohm which again is a first class distortion effect but is fairly expensive by todays standards. this unit has a distinctive character with gui's you either love or hate and capable of destructing anything fed into it - one feature we often deploy is it's ability to generate feedback [global] being an immediate example ohm force also have ohmicide their newest distortion effect which retains the feedback option across all bands and includes a 'no distortion' setting so you can flavour with just the multiband dynamics and filter sections

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