Thursday, May 28, 2009


[added a short CROP preview video to the main portion control website with a burst of amnesia]

ULTRA is the project for the new material that will follow CROP, hopefully released by year end 2009. the new material deploys our trademark thick analogue sequencing and electronics with heightened production. the material will consist of 10 audio pieces of equal quality with an emphasis on strong rhythmic songs. onion jack releases will be the vehicle for our experimental/ ambient constructs

working in software only and to ensure the quality of ULTRA we constantly demo synthesizer and effect plug-ins. our most recent purchase is sawer, a vintage modeling synthesizer based on the rare 1980's Soviet analog synthesizer, polivoks. sawer has a beautiful GUI and sounds fat and raspy especially good for wide unison sawtooth basses and leads. it's available from image line.
we are also looking forward to trillian the update of spectrasonics triliogy that has been used for some of our bass duties over the past few years - trillian promises to add a lot more synthesized bass patches and waveforms than trilogy and it is powered by the steam engine developed first for omnisphere. we only use the synth basses - it's a shame they don't make just a synth bass version, do many people want synth and real bass patches? another product we are monitoring is fxpansions DCAM which shows promise but no sign of it's release yet...


Roger Williams said...

Love your stuff. Love the one-word titles. But, as I assume you already know, "ULTRA" has been used by Depeche already. How about, "MEGA", or "GIGA"?

That's really my only critique!

Love it all.

silikon said...

You can buy DCAM now!! I am sure you will put this synths in good use :-)

PC Always one step forward!