Monday, March 16, 2009


it is now confirmed that CROP will be a 2 CD digipak with the main full length compiled CD and a shorter new EP. brain scraper death dive has been rebuilt and a new track 'amnesia' from the forthcoming all new CD [scheduled for year end]

we are often asked which DAW we use: our current DAW's of choice are reaper, sonar and ACID7 pro, reaper is a small program but fully featured, capable and stable - it is easy to set up with screen layouts, key bindings and macros. it has a loyal following and active forum - in our workflow it is an essential creation tool. ACID remains the best sample/loop based environment and sonar is deployed to finalise timeline arrangements and mixing - just edging out reaper. we also have fl studio and reason on our machines to sketch ideas and build midi sections. following CROP we have a number of tracks starting to take shape and featured 3 of these in our transmission at tinitus on 11.04.09 - as well as the rebuilt brain scraper death dive...


silikonanswer said...

Wow, excellent news. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

FL Studio is my fave DAW.

Anonymous said...

I've watched some youtube videos of the new tracks and they piss over everything on the hard electro that has been done recently.

Bring some new merch
please :-)